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Recopa Mundial: 09.03.2014
Corinthians - São Paulo
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Welcome to the Oosterpark Rankings, the most complete historical club football rankings on the internet. On this site, you will find club world rankings calculated from the very beginning of football as we know it in the season 1871/1872. The main part of the rankings is the all-time club world ranking, composed by taking into account over 60,000 database entries in terms of trophies won and (bonus)points obtained, awarded to nearly 5,000 clubs across the globe. That basically means all club football competitions "worth mentioning", at domestic league and cup level as well as continental and intercontinental competitions were taken into account. From Real Madrid to Zoundourma, any club that's ever won anything noteworthy is listed somewhere in the rankings.

The Oosterpark Rankings take an interest only in club football and regional and world club rankings. At times, requests for league or even international football rankings have been made, but there are enough of those available on the internet. To the best of my knowledge, there is no comparable all-time club football ranking though, certainly not at world club level, which is why focuses on them. By its very nature the project will always be 'work in progress'. This is why occasionally retroactive changes to the rankings may occur, even though with the 10th anniversary update of 27 September 2009, we've probably passed the point where it affects the top of the rankings. Nevertheless, whenever hitherto unknown facts, competitions and the like surface, they will be included in the rankings.

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Largely up to date

Posted 04.07.2015 by Mark de Vries

The rather belated changeover to 2015 was completed in the past few weeks, with the 2015 league ratings now finalised. The lion's share of points won in the first half year of 2015 have now been allocated. That includes (with the exception of Brazilian State Championships) a full European and South American update, and all continental competition winners and bonuses for the other confederations. The next update, which is planned for the first week of August (due to the summer holidays), will feature a full update of domestic champions and cup winners in the rest of the world.

In the latest update, Barcelona's second Treble in seven seasons sees them re-ignite the hunt for Real Madrid. They managed to close the gap to 1,800 points, which is still considerable, and would take three more clean sweeps of trophies. Bayern München retain third place despite taking their foot off the gas following an early confirmation of their German league title, while AC Milan's barren spell so nearly cost them their fourth position on the overall rankings. Had Juventus come out on top in the Champions League final, THEY would've made it a Treble of their own, and pass Milan in the process. With the Turin side in great health, and Milan missing out on European football again, the 206 points between the two sides as of today must be considered "striking range" though.

Neither Liverpool in 6th, nor Boca in 7th have won a major trophy in the past three years, but the Argentine side did manage to close in on their English rivals, by virtue of Continental Progress bonus points. Neither side should have much to fear from 8th placed Manchester United, who are still pretty much a club in transition, in Year 2 ASA. In ninth place, we find Ajax, partially living on past glories, but they did manage four league titles on the trot, before losing their Dutch crown to PSV this spring.

Peñarol complete the top-10, yet will be looking behind them rather than ahead. The biggest threat to their place among the all-time elite may not come from 11th (Independiente) or 12th (Internazionale), but from River Plate in 13th place. The Buenos Aires side were 10th before, in the year 2000, before arch-rivals Boca's decade of glory started. Having hit rock bottom in 2011, with their relegation from the top flight, River bounced back at the first time of asking, and have won the league since. They're also still involved in this year's Copa Libertadores, currently at the semi-final stage. Should they manage to win the competition outright, it will be enough to leapfrog past the three sides immediately above them in the Oosterpark Rankings, and regain their top-10 ranking after 15 years.

Elsewhere in the top-100, significant jumps were recorded by French Quadruple (!) winners Paris St. Germain, up 9 places from 82nd to 73rd, by Sevilla, who retained their Europa League title to move up to 86th (from 98th), Olympiakos (46th from 49th) who extended their subscription to the Greek title, and by Dynamo Kiyv, who ended their six year title drought to move back into the top 30.

We can't post this major 2015 update without mentioning the fact that FC Groningen, to whose former Oosterpark Stadion these rankings are named, won their first ever major trophy on May 3, beating holders FC Zwolle in the Dutch Cup final. That sees the Green and White Army gain over 100 places in the all-time rankings, currently up to 654th (and ahead of local rivals Heerenveen, one might add).

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Recopa Mundial

The Oosterpark Rankings present Recopa Mundial, a boxing-style title contest featuring all former Intercontinental and World Club champions. For full details, use the site navigation at the top of this page.

Current champions:

  São Paulo

São Paulo avoided defeat at home to Santos (0x0) to retain Recopa Mundial in the first title fight of 2014. Brazil's highest ranked club in the Oosterpark Rankings (but not in Recopa Mundial's all-time table) now face double world champions Corinthians on the 9th of March. Since no team from the state of São Paulo managed to qualify for the 2014 Copa Libertadores, it'll be until at least May, and possibly even until after the FIFA World Cup before a non-Brazilian team gets a shot at the World Super Cup.

Record champions by club:

  Boca Juniors, 84 times

River Plate, 58
Estudiantes, 44
Independiente, 41
Santos, 27
Vélez Sarsfield, 23
São Paulo, 21
Racing Club, 16
Peñarol, 13
Corinthians, 11
Olimpia, 9
Internacional, 9
Grêmio, 7
AC Milan, 6
Flamengo, 6
Real Madrid, 6
Nacional, 5
Juventus, 1

Also qualified but as yet without a successful title challenge:

Ajax, 0
Atlético Madrid, 0
Barcelona, 0
Bayern München, 0
Borussia Dortmund, 0
Crvena zvezda, 0
Feyenoord, 0
FC Porto, 0
Internazionale, 0
Manchester United, 0

Next title match: see top of this page!

Title wins by nation, excluding domestic competitions but allowing clashes between two sides from the same country in international club competitions:

  Argentina, 54
  Brazil, 17
  Uruguay, 11
  Paraguay, 9
  Italy, 5
  Spain, 5

Title wins by confederation, intercontinental matches only:

  UEFA, 1

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   Business Era Club Football Rankings

One of the many rankings available through the site navigation are the Club Football Rankings since 1992, called "the business era rankings" since 1992 was the year when money started to talk more than ever in football, as Champions League and Premier League were founded. This ranking probably suits the football fan with a passion for short(er) term achievements. In any case, it does take away the historical advantage early-organised countries may enjoy in the real all-time rankings starting in 1872 (even though in actual fact this effect is rather small, as explained in the Guide to the Rankings).

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to see the up-to-date
version of this modern day

2014 Overview

A quick summary of unallocated 2014 points...

Primary Majors: 116 trophies for 322 pts
Secondary Majors: 89 trophies for 98 pts
Minor trophies: 17 trophies for 6 pts
Bonus points: 207 bonuses for 115+ pts

2014 Points Table available here:

Points Map


We're allergic to disclaimers, so let it suffice to say that all stuff like club logos are the property of their respective owners etc... Please note these rankings are not officially endorsed by FIFA (there is no such thing as an official FIFA club world ranking because FIFA doesn't rank football clubs, it restricts itself to national teams) or any of its regional or national (con)federations. Nor are the Oosterpark Rankings in any way linked to the IFFHS club world ranking, be it their monthly club world ranking or their "all-time" world ranking, which isn't all-time in the first place.

* August 16 Court *

The August 16 Court is the place where decisions regarding the all-time rankings are made when arguments are put forward for inclusion of "missing" competitions, re-valuation of events etc... Its second case concerned FK Pribram and whether or not it was to be seen as a continuation of Dukla Praha, as was the case until now.

Sources at the time the Oosterpark Rankings were first drawn up were adament that the club that by then had changed its name to FC Marila Príbram was at least the spiritual successor carrying on Dukla's tradition, but events over the years have taken away the power behind the original argument.

To cap it all off, a new club has emerged under the name of one of the former Eastern Block's most illustrious teams, although that has a pretty weak case if it were ever to claim to be THE famous Dukla from the Czech capital.

This case does appear to have a lot in common with the old Wimbledon FC: being moved elsewhere in the country and fans starting a new club with pretty much the old name. In that situation, the old club was considered extinct as far as the Oosterpark Rankings are concerned, with potential new future entries for MK Dons (the owners' path) and AFC Wimbledon (the fans' route). That is also how will treat the Prague case.

Ultimately, the rankings have been adapted to split the combined 1,082 points those clubs scored. The 1,077 scored under the Dukla Praha name (until 1990, though the club ceased to exist six years later) are listed as such, leaving that club in 87th place in the all-time rankings, as was the place of the continuation club now playing in Pribram. It makes Dukla the highest ranked club that doesn't exist anymore today, taking that sad accolade over from Admira Wien, with Belfast Celtic now third on that list.

As for 1.FK Pribram: they find themselves back in 2326th position, with five points to their name, the last of them coming in 2004. None of us will live to see the day they pass the legendary Dukla, if they ever will...

Site Origins

These club world rankings were named after FC Groningen's old Oosterpark Stadium, which was closed and demolished in 2006. And in case you were wondering where the green star logo comes from: that too is meant to uphold a tradition: for many years the Oosterpark Rankings were hosted by, which is Bulgarian for green star.


Current Leaders

Apart from the all-time world club rankings, this site also features many regional listings: by continent (or by confederation membership to be precise), and, in the case of the stronger leagues, domestic ratings too. The latter ones do include points scored outside a nation's boundaries as well, so as not to be reduced to a simple reflection of the number of league titles, which they otherwise would turn out to be.

Other available rankings include those per era (19th, 20th and 21st century, continental competition era, business era. The full historical tables are available through the navigation button at the top of each page. What follows below is a quick glance at the (current) leaders in those sub-categories.



   trophies and awards

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Special thanks to Paulo Freitas for his invaluable insights in, and comments on Latin American football!

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